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While some argue about the distinctions between the translation service and machine translation, if we flexibly include both methods in translation, the working efficiency will significantly increase. In this post, will show you 7 characteristics of translation software that will save much effort for translation services.

Translation is an important tool for business communication. You are losing potential business if you are a multinational company and are not utilizing translation. According to CSA Research, 76% of online buyers prefer to purchase goods with information in their language.

Most business owners are aware of this, but very few understand how to get their content translated. Therefore, now is the growing time of translation services and machine translation.

For a long time, there has been a debate between translation services and machine translation. While some argue about the distinctions between the two methods, if we flexibly include both methods into translation, the working efficiency will significantly increase.

Machine translation software


The method of automatically translating text from one language to another without any human intervention is known as machine translation.

Machine translation can be helpful for content that needs to be produced quickly and in large quantities. Machine translation is a great option for social media comments, posts, reviews, instant chat messages, and website help pages.

Machine translation is also being used in various industries. According to Workplace from Facebook, AirAsia, an international airline, employs machine translation to improve communication among its staff members, who represent 16 different nations and 22,000 different nationalities.

And undoubtedly the translation service is one of the industries applying machine translation the most.


Translation to other languages is essential in the current digital era. The internet is flooded with free translation applications, such as Google Translate, that help translate the source language into other native languages. Artificial intelligence is becoming a supporter of human translators, as many translation companies favor machine translations and then people just need to proofread the documents. Machines are popular tools because they are reasonably priced and provide immediate results.

According to Global Market Insights, the machine translation market size was valued at USD 650 million in 2020 and is expected to rise to USD 3 billion in 2027. And as machine translation technology advances, now are the time for translation. Below are 7 features that translation services can optimize from machine translation services.

machine translation and translation service

Guarantees Speed

Nobody can deny that using a machine to translate your material is the quickest method. A complete novel can be translated in under two minutes using the most recent machine translation engines.

This speed may be advantageous to the translation service you are offer. For example, if your translation project is to translate documents for the best website builder for small businesses to expand website builder services into foreign markets, you need to consider a scenario in which your time is limited. Machine translation, therefore, guarantees a faster translation time for a website builder to translate its package narrative to another language and could end up saving you effort. It only takes a few clicks to translate a document using online translation software examples.

Ensures Consistency

Making sure the tone and style you receive are consistent when collaborating with various translators is one of the greatest issues. But regrettably, it's sometimes impossible to deal with the same person due to the range of different translation projects, which can lead to several issues with the appearance of the translations.

However, you can be more confident that the outcome will be the same if you use the best language translation software. You can anticipate some consistency in the text output because machine learning software for translation continues to use the same technologies and guiding principles. There will be fewer unexpected translation outcomes because the software will handle comparable situations similarly.

However, you can also adjust the translation quickly depending on the documents by applying translation memory. Machine translation can be flexibly modified and consistent at the same time

Improves Efficiency

The ability to provide translation quickly is critical to success. If your company needs to wait several weeks for a request to be provided, it can place another translation service on hold and harm your chances of success.

Nevertheless, most of these concerns are eliminated when machine translation is used. Rather than waiting for a person to translate thousands of words manually, you can have a tool translate the manuscript in just minutes.

Bonus, if you need to increase the efficiency of your projects, we recommend you to use project management software. Check out the Zoho Projects review to learn about the tools and features that let you keep track of all the changes and progress made to the tasks and projects.

Balances Quality, Cost, and Time

Any choice of translation needs to consider translation costs. Machine translation is much more cost-effective due to the factors that make it quick and effective for translating a large number of documents

Machine translation enables quick turnaround resulting in significant cost savings in translation.

Automated Integration into Translation Workflows

Numerous translation management programs integrate one or more types of machine translation into their workflow. Given the low cost and lack of latency in the machine translation step, there is no reason not to include machine-translated content in workflow automation. Additionally, there are Chrome translation extensions that translate the source language into a user-selected set of target languages.

Protects Your Data

A translation service's success depends heavily on its reputation. However, your business needs to be trustworthy, open, and fully accountable to maintain a favorable reputation, mainly when dealing with sensitive data. Additionally, protecting confidential documents from theft or leakage is of utmost importance when translating sensitive data or documents from English to Chinese, for example.

Unfortunately, you can never be sure that the information will be secure from unauthorized access when using some free machine translation tools. Using a trustworthy machine translation software solution that recognizes the value of information security and can assist ensure that the content you get translated won't become public or be saved anywhere without your knowledge is the only way to reduce the risks.

Continuous Enhancement

While machine translation has limitations, new technology is continually improving and expanding the value of its advantages.

When combined with a post-editing stage or a translation memory, machine translation can improve the quality of the output, resulting in lower costs, faster turnaround times, and higher content quality. Machine translation with post-editing enables translation agencies like ours to complete projects more quickly, manage greater workloads and content, and pass savings on to our customers.


Machine translation is one of the most effective approaches for organizations that provide translation services to speed up records translation. However, even though it comes with many substantial advantages, making the most of the possibility depends on your ability to find a dependable and excellent provider who can deliver excellent results and protect your data.

You can benefit from incorporating machine translation into your workflow if you're a business, a translation agency, or a freelance translator. Although far from perfect, machine translation is a valuable tool for professional translators and translation organizations.

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