news Earns Translation Software Accolade From a Leading B2B Review Platform

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  • Ngày 13 tháng 10 năm 2022 has been recognized by a B2B software review platform as a top business solution. The designation attests to the company's reputation as an industry leader.

FinancesOnline, a leading software directory, has awarded our solution the Top Translation Software and Rising Star Award. These go to relatively new products that show outstanding performance early on.

According to user feedback, social media mentions, and other data, is a preferred translation software for businesses. FinanceOnline’s experts also conducted a comprehensive Lokally review and concluded that it offers extensive features to help businesses succeed.

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FinancesOnline recommends our complete, intelligent, and user-friendly translation software for anyone who needs to translate documents or files. It’s a fast, affordable way to translate texts to more than 100 languages. Our online tool is also accessible from any device. It can serve the translation needs of professional translators, content creators, and organizations, companies that need translation work.

Among the features that impressed FinancesOnline experts were our AI-powered translation with high speed and accuracy—as well as the software’s ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.

The review mentioned how offers a convenient and efficient way to translate documents from one language to another. You can upload original files, set up glossaries, and download translated files. In case you want to obtain information and support, you can contact through email and the help center as well.

Lokally.io_Machine translation software can translate documents in 111 languages and four file formats—including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files—with an average accuracy rate of 90%. The app not only recognizes and understands the grammatical differences between languages but in some languages this tool can also understand the formatting and cultural factors that affect language.

And with the ability to translate multiple files as well as translate a single file to different languages at the same time, empowers users to be more productive than ever before. Luckily, FinanceOnline also shared that all these are what they look for on their list of top translation software.

Thank you, FinancesOnline! We are proud to be recognized as a top translation software by such a reputable organization. It is an honor to receive this accolade, and we accept it with gratitude while working toward continuous improvement of our solutions. We pride ourselves on providing the best translating tools available and will continue to do so as we strive to be the best.

To our customers, thank you! We look forward to innovating and delivering even more features that will make your experience with our platform more enjoyable. We will continue to provide reliable services and look forward to many more years of partnership.

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