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Chrome translate extensions are programs installed on Chrome that help readers understand the web content within minutes. Read full article to see which are the best translate extensions usedby professional translators.


Chrome extension is an additional program installed on Chrome to modify the browser’s features. The extensions include enhancing Chrome with new features and improving the program's own functionality to make it more user-friendly.

Chrome translate extensions are the Chrome extension that converts the original language to certain target languages chosen by internet users. The translation is fast within minutes and the accuracy is up to 90%. The most well-known extension is Google Translate, but this is not the only one.

Professional translators have used many different translation applications and add-ons to serve different translation goals such as translating words, paragraphs, and entire documents. Some extensions can even help them build a specialized glossary for certain sectors. Let’s explore the top 5 best translation extensions recommended by professional translators in 2022.



ImTranslator is a translation website and then further develops to Chrome extensions. Its production team created several free translation tools to improve the quality by comparing different results, to come up with the best quality of translation.

Chrome translate extension

ImTranslator does a great job translating web pages and documents online in several language pairs. Apart from essential functions, the extension offers an additional back translation feature, which allows users to convert the documents to the target language first, and then translate the edits back to check accuracy.

Furthermore, there is no need to care about complicated user instructions. ImTranslator provides a quick pop-up box on the screen whenever you highlight words or sentences, making the translation process much more efficient.


Multi-language fans would love to use Lingvanes because it can support up to 127 languages worldwide. The extension doesn’t translate text to text only. When users highlight the chosen word, along with audio and phonetic transcription, it also displays the word's definition in the desired language, so users can understand and mimic the pronunciation.

Chrome translate extension

One of the unique selling points of Lingvanex is that it can translate text embedded in an image or graphical text on webpages, which not many extensions or even translation tools can do until now. However, due to the high level of recognition difficulty, there is still a doubt about the quality of graphical text translation; extension developers need to improve this function quality to optimize the user experience.

Mate Translate

Chrome translate extension

Another high qualified candidate on the list is Mate translate. As the two extensions above, Mate translate has core functions such as translating webpage and highlighting text. However, what makes Mate translate stand out lies in the subtitle translation function. For those who are passionate about foreign movies, this extension is the best choice to convert the subtitle to your desired language while watching videos or movies on the Chrome browser.

You can use this extension if you want to study new languages. Mate Translate provides phonetic transcriptions of words and sounds which read the selected parts out loud. Therefore you can imitate with proper accents.


Chrome translate extension

TransOver is another extension on Chrome, which will perform translation online and support users in learning a new language efficiently. Instead of highlighting words, TransOver users just need to move a mouse cursor over the sentences to receive the translated language result through a box popping up on the screen.

This is an excellent tool to practice translating, users can lower translation speed to find the word meaning first and then check again with TransOver results. For those unfamiliar with automatic translation, users can take control to disable functions on specific web pages to translate on their own.


Last but not least, Reverso is a Chrome translate extension that would give you extra control over your translations and the method languages converted. After activating the Reverso extension, a setting menu will show up, users can create hotkeys and set up the preferred way to convert the source language to the target language.

Chrome translate extension

The extensions take advantage of the phase of recognizing the context in which words appear instead of translating word by word. The outcome, therefore, will be more accurate and natural. Additionally, Reverso offers many features such as translating PDFs, translating subtitles in real-time while watching movies, and creating tools and games for users to study languages effectively.

Even though the quality of machine translation and translation apps are uneven in every language and still have limits to reaching the quality of human translation, they are continuously evolving to become valuable tools for helping translators save time while optimizing the translation process.

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